Founder, Interior Designer @Laxmi Interiors

Pınar Hacıraifoğlu completed her undergraduate education in Koç University. The Arts of London Chelsea London University and her post graduate in Milano Domus Academy. Her aim is to transform abundance, plentifulness and welfare in her works; which is in line with her Laxmi brand, meaning “coming from abundance and plentifulness”.

Laxmi Interiors believes in combining the characters and lifestyles of the people with the Laxmi philosophy. Each time, this combination ends up with different projects with different characters.

“Laxmi Interiors creates places of peace and joy & offers holistic designs.
Right accessories & furniture is the key element for such a creation.”


Laxmi Interiors - Istanbul was founded in 2016 by PINAR HACIRAIFOGLU.

Laxmi Interiors designs optimal life spaces and brings innovative solutions
for better living.



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