Krombera is a digital service agency. The two indispensable aspects of working environment of every agency are creativity and long hours of work. The most important feeling that we wanted to create for this office was convenient space for creativity and comfort. Considering the amount of work they are putting together until late hours, the most exciting detail for the team was the cedar that was placed infront of the window. While designing the Office we have mixed up our interiors design ideas with the Krombera teams’ opinions. Texts that were written by the creative team, the simple and funny explanations of advertising terms and most common situations they are facing etc... Long story short, this office turned out to be a workplace, fully reflecting the character of the Krombera team. By the way, our favourite design is the funny explanation that is placed on the gate to he CEO’s office - whom has the ultimate place in e-mailing, “bcc”.

İlker Şeref

Laxmi Interiors, December 2017