We wanted to create a dynamic and young home for our customers. The house was placed in a region dominated by light and scenery, so it helped us to use dark details without any concern of darkening the house. By placing the study area infront of the window, we aimed to use the daylight as much as possible. For our customers who are very fund of their pets, we designed a mini dog house zone underneath the stairs to the bedrooms upstairs. In order to create a dynamic environment around the house, we combined different objects with each other. For example in order to raise the height of the floor lamp, we placed our customers magazine collection under neath the floor lamp. Light colors used in the dining table, marble color, light colored wood and fabrics have been made compatible with the kitchen area. In order to create a modern feeling, walls on the bedside was made of wood with geometric patterns. The style of the bed was chosen parallel to this design.

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Laxmi Interiors, July 2017