The fact that the marble was used on the floor, the carpeting detail and colors of the staircase, the brass accessory shelf and the ottoman in front; was all preferred in order to create a feeling of a “hotel room design”. Convenience was kept on the front by adding some cabinets, an ottoman an several shelves in the bathrooms whereas in guests’ bathrooms simplicity and visuality was emphasised. The TV in the bedroom was placed inside a marble covered TV unit, which the hidden tv-unit can be opened and closed as preferred. By using a marble covering as the material, we wanted to capture a modern image. The bed was positioned close to window and the room has a more spacious settlement thanks to the ottoman placed behind the bed. The large mirror behind the bed found its place thanks to the layout of the room, a functional and a decorative complement. The two features that were most noticeable when first entered the bedroom were both symmetry and spaciousness.


Laxmi Interiors

Laxmi Interiors, March 2017